Chapterthon 2017

The Internet Society (ISOC) SVG Chapter hosted an Internet Skills Training for Young Parents in the underserved areas of Sandy Bay and Canouan as part of its Chapterthon 2017 drive.

The training sessions for young parents (ages 15-35) focused on what is the internet, its use, teach parents so assist their children in research and study on the internet and other interesting topics. The project theme, “Digital skills empowerment for young parents in the two underserved areas”.

The training toke place between October 30 – November 3, 2017 simultaneously at the Sandy Bay Primary School and the Canouan Primary School by facilitators Messrs. Rayshorn Richardson and David Martin respectively. The targeted parents in Canouan and Sandy Bay showed up and had an exciting time learning about the Internet.

One participant has remarked “this training is what we needed. I did     n’t know so much information is left stored on the internet and I learnt new ways to access the information that I may need, especially to help my daughter with school work.”

SVG’s ISOC Chapter has partnered with Jax Enterprises, Digicel, and NTRC for the success of this program.

Thirteen (13) young parents participated in the Canouan leg of the training. They were all excited and pledged to use the internet more responsibly.

Seventeen (17) young parents participated in the Sandy Bay leg of the training. They too were happy to have such a training which increased their knowledge of how to supervise their children’s online activities.

A Chapterthon is a global Internet Society (ISOC) Chapters marathon, where ISOC Chapters can participate by developing a project within a timeline and budget to achieve a common goal for the development of education and the Internet.

The skills training was largely a success with the participants calling for more of such initiatives.