Chapterthon 2019

Project Brief


  1. Project Summary

Project Title

Design an Internet Community Network for farmers

 Project Category

Provide access to underserved rural, remote, and urban areas

  • Enhance existing community networks platforms by providing better access to information and services
  • Improve the development of digital skills for greater inclusion of the entire community
  • Promote community networks that offer opportunities for economic and social development
  • Innovate! Help build new ways to provide Internet connectivity.

Project Summary

This project  will assess the requirements for adequate internet connectivity in the rural farming community of  Veryvine. in the Vermont Valley.  The assessment will include a public consultation with the farmers.

  1. Project Location

The project area is the Veryvine area in Vermont on the western side of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.  This area was selected because of the lack of internet connectivity in the area.

  1. Project Team

Andre Browne – Project Coordinator

Kerry Kerr – Event coordinator

Jonte Burke – Treasurer

Marcellus Constance – Technical Officer

Sunil Sheen – Project Committee Member

Decima Corea – Project Committee Member

Jacqueline Creese- Event Committee member

Max Horne- Videographer

Roxanne John- Executive Chair

Andre Gaymes- Vice Chair


Indicate the estimated total number of people working on the project.  20

  1. Project Details

Project Goals and Objectives


  1. To ascertain the internet connectivity needs in the Veryvine Community
  2. To provide public awareness to the community members on the importance of internet connectivity
  3. Design a community network for the farmers

 Project Timeline

  1. conduct visits to the farmers who operate in the Veryvine  community; 1-30 September, 2019
  2. conduct site visits to farms ; 1-30 September, 2019
  3. Promotion of consultation; 1-15 September 2019
  4. conduct public consultation; 16 September, 2019
  5. Design internet connectivity system ; 01 September-20th October, 2019
  6. Production of video; 20th October  to 14th November 2019
  7. creation of project report; 21st October  to 10th November 2019


Project Impact

The farming community in SVG often operates in remote areas, where there is very little connection to the outside world. This project seeks to establish the feasibility of providing connectivity to this group. This project will provide valuable data about the farming group in the area of Vermont and will help this group to better understand the value of the internet. It will seek to design a network system and  also educate farmers on how they can use the internet to improve their livelihood.

How many people may directly or indirectly benefit?

This project will directly affect 30 farmers and indirectly affect approximately 300 persons who interact with the farmers.

How will you measure your project’s success and impact?

  • The number of farmers attending the consultation
  • Completion of the needs assessment report
  • Completion of network design


Project Risks

  • Farmers may not be interested in attending consultation
  • Bad weather may affect site visits
  • Availability of volunteers


Chapter Visibility

The project will be highlighted on the ISoC SVG’s website, FaceBook Page, Twitter and radio.

  1. Project Partners

Do you have any community partners helping you to complete this Chapterthon project?

  • Community Development Workers
  • Agriculture Extension Officers


  1. Project Budget


Requested Total Amount (Amount in USD): 2,000.00