Get Safe Online Training Programme

Get Safe Online Ambassador Training Programme

The Internet Society St. Vincent and the Grenadines (ISOC SVG) is collaborating with the Get Safe Online, a public / private sector partnership organisation to execute an Ambassador Scheme training programme. Get Safe Online has been providing online safety advice for over 15 years through the provision of its website, public events and campaigns to help ensure that people enjoy a safe and secure experience online and avoid falling victim to crime. The Ambassador Training Programme intends to provide individuals, families and small independent businesses with the confidence to operate safely online. Upon completion of the training, the ambassadors will be empowered to do the following: identify the risks and dangers that people face on a daily basis whilst using the Internet both at home and at work; explore the effect and risks of online crime and discuss methods to combat it; recognise best practice and spread these messages to others to assist their own knowledge and confidence; have confidence in presenting to diverse communities whilst using the Get Safe Online materials; have confidence in presenting online safety in a business environment using Get Safe Online materials; and Organise sessions and gather evaluation information.

What are the benefits of becoming an Ambassador?
• Improved knowledge of online safety
• Improved skills on presentation, communication and use of technology
• Increased confidence
• Build relationships with other Ambassadors
• Be part of the wider global Get Safe Online team to protect the public and businesses from online threats.

What are the attributes and requirements to become an Ambassador?
• Aged 18 years and above
• A passion to help others
• Enthusiasm and self-motivation
• Being proficient in written and spoken English (with the ability to translate to local language)
• Having good interpersonal skills
• A basic level of online safety with experience of internet use
• Organised and confident (you will be organising and presenting your own sessions)
• You will be required to have access to a tablet or computer and the internet
• Be willing to become a member of ISOC SVG if you are a not a member

Recruitment will be looking to take place in September 2020, training will then progress through October with Ambassadors delivering to communities and small businesses throughout November, December 2020 and January 2021.

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador please contact the ISOC SVG at [email protected] for further details.