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We invite you to join our free Webinar Series on Accelerating 21st Century Government in the Caribbean.

We know that the rapid spread of COVID-19 has had a profoundly disruptive impact on global commerce, government and society. For Caribbean states, small population sizes, resource constraints and vulnerable infrastructure only amplify the challenges of confronting this once-in-a-century crisis. However, the current pandemic is not the only threat to Caribbean economies and society. We also have the reality of an annual hurricane season, showing that for the region, each crisis contributes to a cumulative Caribbean vulnerability to sustainable Caribbean development. How can information and communication technologies (ICT) be employed to mitigate these vulnerabilities? Can the Internet and its resources contribute to a more secure and thriving region? 

The ARIN-CTU Webinar Series will cover 4 key areas:

  1. 21st Century Government, Public Sector and Policy Issues 
  2. Local IXPs – No Longer an Option, Now an Imperative for 21st Century Governments 
  3. Are we succeeding?: Measuring Caribbean Digital Transformation – A Data Driven Approach
  4. Network Security for Public Safety in a 21st Century Government environment

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