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On 17 July 2018, the Internet Society and its locally based chapter, Internet Australia, joined 75 organizations in signing a letter urging Australia not to pursue legislation that could undermine the security of encrypted services and devices used by Australians. As Internet Society CEO Kathy Brown wrote last year, “strong encryption is an essential piece to the […]

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In November 2017, the Internet Society hosted its first Indigenous Connectivity Summit in Santa Fe, New Mexico. This event brought together over 200 Indigenous community members to talk about Internet access solutions, and the importance of connectivity for socioeconomic, health, community empowerment, education, and cultural and language preservation. It was an incredible two days that resulted […]

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This week is IETF 102 in Montreal, Canada, and we’re bringing you daily blog posts highlighting the topics of interest to us in the ISOC Internet Technology Team. And today’s topics include IPv6, IoT and Trust technologies. 6MAN commences at 09.30 EDT/UTC-4, and has six new drafts up for discussion covering IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Extensions for Prefix Delegation, IPv6 VPNs, ICMPv6, OAM in Segment […]


ICANN Fellowship Program   About The ICANN Fellowship Program seeks to help create a broader base of knowledgeable constituents to engage in the ICANN multistakeholder process and become the new voice of experience in their regions and on the global stage. CONTINUE READING AT ICANN WEBSITE …   Next Meeting:   ISOCSVG Chapter Fellows experience .. ICANN60 is the Annual […]

ARIN Fellowship

ARIN Fellowship   What is the ARIN Fellowship Program? In 2009, ARIN introduced a Fellowship Program in an effort to broaden educational outreach within the ARIN region and to bring new voices and ideas into public policy discussions. At its inception, three individuals were selected from a pool of eligible applicants; one from each sector […]

Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security

Routing Security is Vital to the Future and Stability of the Internet The Internet’s routing foundation has cracks, and they’re growing. Not a single day goes by without dozens of incidents affecting the routing system. Route hijacking, route leaks, IP address spoofing, and other harmful activities can lead to DDoS attacks, traffic inspection, lost revenue, […]

Snapshot: 2018 update of Internet speeds and pricing across the Caribbean

We are continuing our efforts to track the changes that have occurred with respect to fixed Internet broadband speeds and pricing across the Caribbean.  In this Snapshot, we summarise our findings and briefly share some of the observations we have made. METHODOLOGY Table 1: 2018 list of ISPs examined (Source: ICT Pulse) The methodology employed […]